The different game modes Minecraft has brought for new and returning players


Senior Students Landon Crabtree and Nicholas Watkins inside a base on factions.

Nic Watkins, Sports Editor

The 2011 first full release of Minecraft intrigued many individuals as the craft-filled, cuboidal game inspired creativity to those of all ages. 

Since its release, many new game modes have joined Minecraft and allowed individuals to explore the world in new ways.

The most popular games are surprisingly unique and have a broad difference in their preferred skill level.

Servers are open on a variety of gaming platforms such as Xbox or PS4, but these examples will be based on PC gaming.

The main server I am going to cover today is known as “Hypixel.” This server hosts around 70,000-120,000 players at all times. 

For starters, some of the games on this server I believe you should try are Block Hunt, TNT games, and Skywars. 

Block Hunt is essentially a hide and seek type game where one can disguise himself or herself as a block and attempt to stay alive for five minutes. If you are killed by a hunter, then you become a hunter which adds more to this game mode. This game does not require much skill and will be easy for new, strategic players.

There are multiple TNT games, but the most popular game is TNT run. In this game, blocks of TNT fall as soon as you step onto them, so it is a very strategy-based game in which you try to beat eleven other opponents. 

The last basic game is Skywars. As one of Hypixel’s longest-running games, it allows beginners their first chance at PvP which means Player vs. Player. This mode can be played in singles and doubles mode. 

In singles, you attempt to beat eleven other opponents, while in doubles you have to try to take on twenty-two other opponents alongside your teammate. 

Underneath each of the maps is a void that instantly destroys whoever falls into it. This game doesn’t often include the most skilled people, so it gives everyone a chance when just starting to play. 

Some of the more “sweaty” or hard games that are on the server include UHC and Bedwars. Bedwars is similar to Skywars, as you collect items to take down opponents; however, in this game mode, you have unlimited lives until an opponent breaks your bed. Then, you will maintain one life until killed. 

UHC stands for Ultra Hardcore and is for those who have played Minecraft and have experience. When a player takes damage, they cannot regenerate unless they eat a golden apple which is hard to obtain. 

The last game is called factions. In this mode, you can assemble a group of members to surpass others in overall value. One of the ways to make money is by raiding other factions and taking their wealth. 

This game mode is on many servers such as “CosmicPvP” and “LemonCloud.” 

Overall, these are some of the most popular games for old or new players who want something different in the Minecraft universe.