New furniture comes to the high school


The English department was one part of the school that got new desks.

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

After spring break, many students and teachers came back to new furniture. 

At the return of spring break, Coffee County Central High School received new desks for students and teachers. They were given to the English, foreign language, and business departments, as well as a few labs.

Connor Fox, a junior, talked about the desks. He stated, “I really like the modern look of the desks; it adds sleek characteristics to complement the trapezoidal shape.”

Principal Paul Parsley and the administration have a plan to update furniture over the next few years, and they are starting with select departments. “I believe the school district is working to update furniture at all schools, but it will happen over a period of several years,” Parsley said. 

Also, some classes did not receive new furniture, and students are having to sit in older chairs. The company has been busy, and some furniture has been put on backorder for at least three months. 

The company providing the furniture, Ernie Morris Enterprises, and the district is wanting to eventually get new furniture for the whole school system.

To add, the high school is not the only school getting furniture at this time; North Coffee Elementary received their new furniture over spring break as well.

As for other schools, Coffee County Raider Academy and East Coffee Elementary received new furniture two years ago through the same company.

The new furniture provides a change and the district is looking to expand this endeavor until each school has updated furniture for its staff and students.