Editor’s choice: what to take for the 2021-2022 school year


Registration is hard to figure out, but advice from other students can help.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Wondering what classes to take next year? Your journalism staff has composed a list of courses we recommend to make your high school experiences the best they can possibly be.



Senior Nicholas Watkins’ first choice in an elective is gym. Yes, gym. He states, “An extra year of gym is beneficial to have a break from schoolwork. It provides an opportunity to chill for the day”


AP Language and Composition 

Emma Holmes states, “I will always recommend AP Language and Composition to anyone that can take it. Not only do I love Mrs. Duke, but it’s just a great English class in comparison to others at the school. There’s a lot of different material covered in the class, so people that might not enjoy one thing would potentially enjoy the next thing. We covered a lot of different things about English and it was really fun.”


Office Aid 

Shelby Watkins recommends becoming an office aid with the SCC because “they give you so much help with scholarships and college and career decisions.”


AP Psychology 

Juniors, Elizabeth Brown and Connor Fox suggest taking AP Psychology because “it is a perfect introduction into more rigorous material and could help prepare you for college. Psychology is a very interesting subject to learn and helps you gain more insight on the world around you.”


Personal Training and Journalism

Garrett Masters encourages others to take Personal Training because it “keeps you accountable in terms of fitness and health, while also promoting growth and progress.” 

Masters also recommends Journalism because it is a very open and laid-back class that allows for you to meet new people. “If you want to get into writing/ enjoy writing/ or want to improve and talk about what you enjoy.”



Sophomore Lindsey Landrum, advocates for Theatre I. “The work is mostly straightforward and simple, and you get to enjoy fun improv games. You also learn skills that may help you in public speaking. You get to play a lot of games and make up your own scripts. You are able to use creativity in a new way, and it’s really enjoyable.”

Junior Alexa Morse also motivates people to take part in Theatre because it provides a great space for open expression of creativity. It also helps develop communication skills, teamwork skills, and reduce the fear of embarrassing yourself.”


Advanced SDC U.S. History 

Jaxen Waggoner suggests taking Advanced SDC U.S History because “it’s a class I can enjoy. The work isn’t too hard, but hard enough. I don’t feel like I’m drowning in work, but I receive an in-depth amount of information for what is being studied. Others may enjoy this class for the same reasons I do or if they don’t feel very confident in this subject, they can try for college credit in this class that’s not hard.”


AV Technology 

I personally recommend taking AV. “This class is a fun elective but it’s one where you are able to learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes of film and audio recordings. It tests your creativity and lets you express yourself in a way you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”