Super-involved student, Lane Spry, named an Outstanding Senior


Spry playing the guitar with his grandpa, O’Neil Spry.

Elizabeth Brown, News Editor

Lane Spry, a current senior at Coffee County had a lasting impact on Coffee County High School. 

Throughout his four years here, Spry stayed involved and participated in various school activities. He is a part of the baseball team, he was class president all four years of school, and he is an active member of FBLA. 

When asked what the proudest accomplishment of his high school career was, Spry, stated: “My proudest accomplishment would be maintaining my 4.0 GPA and being in the Top 10 Percent of my class for all four years.”

Spry worked hard to achieve his goals, while also balancing his extracurriculars. Spry knew that his years of high school were going to go by fairly fast.

“I wanted to make the most out of my short four-year high school career.” This was Spry’s response to the question of what his biggest motivation was. 

Spry’s peers also elected him as having the most school spirit. As the student section leader,  he was in attendance at every football game and basketball game. 

In addition, Spry was asked what advice he would give to a freshman. He answered, “ I would beg them to get involved with clubs and sports. The extracurricular activities I participated in is where many of my friendships and bonds were built.” 

Many seniors have certain teachers who they express their thanks toward, and Spry’s certain teacher was Mrs. Carney. 

Mrs. Carney had the biggest impact on my high school experience because she had the answers to most of my questions. I come to her about anything whether it be about student issues or for career plans. Mrs. Carney was my go-to person,” Spry said. 

In addition to his most impactful teacher, Spry’s favorite memory was his first day of junior year when the teachers had a “What Not to Wear” fashion show. 

The last question Spry was asked was what being an outstanding senior meant to him. His response was “Being named an outstanding senior means to me that my goal has been accomplished. I vowed my freshman year to make a mark on CCCHS, and I have made an everlasting impression that can never be taken away.”