TVs are the most recent upgrade to CCCHS classrooms


A new TV was hung in Mrs. Vacek’s art room.

Alexa Morse, News Editor

As students returned from summer break, a noticeable change was made in many classrooms. New TVs were installed to replace the projectors.

This upgrade was made available through government funding.

The money granted to the school was diversified into paying for new technology and to pay teachers for tutoring.

“There were many conversations on different levels,” stated assistant principal Megan Hardy. The administration approached the departments and took into consideration what the teachers felt they needed.

Each school was given the option on what they felt was most necessary for their students. Ultimately, the central office got the final pick.

The decision to upgrade to TVs was made for many reasons.

Hardy stated that the TVs offered a more cost efficient method to teaching as projectors were costly to keep up. 

Not only do they provide a cheaper alternative, the TVs are more technologically compatible with existing devices. Many teachers were given iPads that allow them to connect to the television.

Another reason the change was made was to offer more visibility to the students as projector screens are only visible in the dark. 

“Now that I’m getting used to it, it’s not bugging me as much,” stated Kandace Perry, a geometry teacher at CCCHS.

The adjustment is hard to some, and easier to others. However, the TVs are here to stay.