Class of 2024 sophomores transition from the Raider Academy to the high school


Makenna Orrick

Sophomores enjoy third lunch as they discuss the new high school!

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Coffee County’s Class of 2024 started their high school experience at the Raider Academy amidst a pandemic. How will this year at CCCHS be different? 

Last year, the incoming freshmen from Westwood and Coffee County Middle Schools collided at the Raider Academy for their first year of high school. From hybrid schedules to Google Meets and social distancing, it was nowhere near a normal year.

While they were separated from the rest of the upperclassmen, the transition from middle to high school was a lot smoother.  

Upcoming sophomore Gracie Campbell states, “Going to the Raider Academy definitely helped me transition into high school. It was a slow step up from middle school, making the high school a lot less overwhelming. I knew a lot more of what to expect in ‘real high school,’ rather than just being put straight into it.”

When asked about what he is excited for, Kaden Davis answered, “I am super excited to be reuniting with my old friends from different grades, new learning opportunities that specifically will be a true benefit to my future, being able to join DECA once and for all, and so much more!”

These newly found sophomores have finally entered the “official” high school building where they face yet another year of getting used to a new building and new faces.

When asked how the Raider Academy differs from the high school, sophomore Kailee Rossman replied, “So far, I have noticed that the high school is A LOT different from the Raider Academy. At the Academy, it feels more like an extended year of middle school whereas at the high school, we are expected to be more responsible and independent.”

Senior Anna Goodwin states, “They are all so different and are going to bring in a lot of unique attributes to the school.” 

The class of 2024 is one of the largest classes to ever enter CCCHS, ranging just under 500. With a class of this size, it is impossible to ignore the new faces everywhere.

Sophomores are now more than ever getting involved in high school and they are “excited to finally be treated like a high schooler,” as Ella Helms puts it. 

Rossman also states, “I am on the cross country and track teams here at the high school, and I am looking to be involved in student government. Being at the high school will make being involved in these activities a lot easier because I will be surrounded by all of the people in these clubs.”

CCCHS is thrilled about this new class of students entering the building and can’t wait to see them get involved and grow as the year goes on!