Does teaching get easier over time?


Ash Reynolds

Mrs. Hartin’s room is still being organized for the new school year.

Ash Reynolds, Clubs and Organizations Editor

Throughout their years of education, students have a variety of different teachers. Some teachers are brand new to the school or even to teaching as a whole. Others have been teaching in Coffee County their entire careers. 

Regardless of how long they’ve taught or how many schools they’ve taught at, teachers may have a hard time with the preparation process after getting a new group of students to educate.

From the pandemic to the influx of technology and ever-changing curriculum, teachers are constantly challenged to educate young minds despite circumstances.

This poses the question: Does teaching ever get easier?

Shirley Hartin, a chemistry teacher new to CCCHS but not teaching overall, said that “Getting organized and making sure lesson plans are consistent with the other teachers,” are two factors that make teaching in a new building difficult.

Jenny Skipper, a mathematics teacher that has been at CCCHS for several years, offered a different perspective. She stated that having materials and experience makes the preparation process easier. In addition, the experience gives teachers insight into what students typically struggle with, allowing them to pace out the year better.

Hartin also discussed how the changing curriculum and global pandemic impacted the planning process. She explained that she has had to repeat things that the kids should have learned but have never been given the chance to. 

One thing the pandemic has caused is an extra push towards technology-based learning. 

Skipper said that, while the added technology can create more work, it has definitely helped, especially in terms of distance learners. 

Hartin agreed that technology has been helpful, stating, “It makes it easier to get the materials out there.”

Despite the ever-changing atmosphere of the school system, teachers at CCCHS have been working hard to educate their students,

Overall, both Hartin and Skipper agreed: The longer a teacher is at a school, the easier it becomes to prepare.