The CCCHS golf team tees off into the 2021-2022 season with big goals


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Daugherty tries to hit a 6 iron on the green at the Raiders’ first home golf match at Willowbrook Golf Course.

Elli Chumley, General Staff Reporter

Along with school starting back, the CCCHS golf team is also diving into their 2021-2022 season.

Brad Costello, mathematics teacher, starts his second consecutive year back as head coach, his sixth year in total. Costello’s main goal for his team this year is to “look like a team who will improve from beginning to end.”

To prepare his team, Costello’s primary strategy is game-situation competition. He faces the teammates against each other in a way guaranteed to “push each other and challenge each other.” 

Junior team member, Maggie Crouch, says, “Personally, when I’m playing with a teammate, it makes me push myself to do well, but it also makes me encourage my teammates as well.”

Since golf is a more individual-based sport, one might think team chemistry isn’t all that important, but Crouch goes on to say, “Team chemistry is huge for golfers. A lot of times, teammates feed off of each other and make each other play well and have more confidence in their golf game.”

Brady Daugherty, sophomore team member, talks about how after every day, rankings are always changing. No member is guaranteed the same placement. The constant competition makes each member work to better themselves and their teammates daily, making these team rankings ever changing.

Daugherty states what he expects to gain most out of this season is to uphold the number three spot. He plans to compete and improve daily, like Costello intends for all of his golfers.

Costello would love to see competitiveness and improvement in his kids, but he states he is most excited about his members finally coming to realize their own potential. 

Costello states, “There are a couple players who question their abilities a lot… I see potential in them that they don’t see yet. I hope before the end of the year they’ll see it, too.” 

Likewise, Crouch says she hopes she gains more confidence. “Golf is a mental game,” she states, “and I think that improving my confidence will be a game changer for me and my golf game as a whole.” 

Costello’s hopes for his players to improve and believe in themselves appear to be greatly impacting Daugherty and Crouch.

Will the rest of the team jump on board with Daugherty and Crouch? Will CCCHS Red Raiders “end stronger than they began,” like Costello hopes? Follow along with them and their season to find out.