The 70s are back in style


Camry Moss

Merritt Hancock poses for the camera in her sweater vest and platform Converse.

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

We are several weeks into school, and outfits are always at their peak during this time. 

Based on the current fashion trend cycle, we are going back to early 2000s fashion, which was heavily influenced by the 19070s. 

Let’s look at some of the most popular trends seen after a few weeks into school. These trends can be popular outfits, jewelry, shoes, or even nail designs. 

Wide-legged pants are the first trendy pick. These have been taking the fashion world by storm, and the pants are an awesome pick for the odd transition between summer and fall. 

The pants have been any color, and the most popular color picks have been brown, baby blue, red, pink, and lots of fun patterned pants. Wide-legged pants give off a very 1970s vibe, and they lay a good foundation for rocking the 70s look. 

Next, popular now are sweater vests and collared shirts. This is the most 70s look there is, and it is something that would definitely be seen on nostalgic TV shows. 

Collared shirts of any color can be found at just about any popular clothing store now, and then sweater vests are the perfect pair. Unlike the 70s, sweater vests are shorter and even a little more cropped.

In order to wear shorter sweater vests to school, high-rise jeans need to be worn. With a cute belt, this look is iconic.

Chunky shoes are another retro pick. Some chunky shoes include platform Converse, Doc Martens, Nike Air Forces, or any high-top shoes. 

Going with these chunky shoes are mom jeans. High-rise mom jeans with a shoelace as a belt is the popular thing to do now as well. 

Mom jeans with holes, without holes, distressed, light washed, and dark-washed are all very popular and go with just about any type of top. They are making their epic comeback, especially amongst teenagers. 

Another trend coming back from the 70s is fun, vintage patterns. Yellows, oranges, flowers, and polka dots are the most notorious patterns from the time period. 

The patterns can be found on dresses, skirts, tops, mesh tops, and even pants. Headpieces and head scarfs are very popular with these patterns as well.

The fashion now among teenagers is a very diverse spread of trends, but the 1970s are definitely the spotlight of today’s fashion.