CCCHS gains two new athletic directors: Brandon McWhorther and Brad Costello



McWhorter (left) and Costello (right) are eager to begin their shared tenure as co-athletic directors.

Makenna Orrick, Features Editor

On July 1st, Coffee County Central High School gained two new athletic directors, Brandon Mcwhorther and Brad Costello. 

Mcwhorther is a math Teacher at CCCHS as well as the head softball coach. 

When asked how being a coach will help him in this leadership position, Mcwhorther states, “Being that I come from the same position as all my other head coaches I have a great insight to what needs attention and changing in our athletics.  Also, the interaction I have with my players will help in the interaction I will have with all the athletes.”

Costello is also a math teacher and the head golf coach at CCHS. Costello states, “I will be attending the games, events, and supporting the players to the best of my ability.

Mcwhorter states that the most rewarding part of being the athletic director is “the relationships with coaches, players, students, and parents. When I took over I wanted to make sure I created a relationship with each of these groups that would allow our athletics to grow in a positive manner. So far in the first few weeks on the job, I’ve really enjoyed talking and working with all of our athletes and coaches.” 

While this position is a great opportunity, it also takes the two of them to successfully uphold the duties of the job between their already packed schedules. 

Mcwhorter replies that the most challenging part is time: “As fall sports have started up, getting things done in a timely manner has been a challenge.”

Mcwhorther is in charge of all the fall sports plus basketball, and Costello is in charge of all the spring sports plus swimming and wrestling. 

Mcwhorter responded, “Even though we each have our own sports, Coach Costello and I work very closely with each other throughout the year. So even though we split up the sports, this is a full-year job. A job that we both thoroughly enjoy!”

When asked what he is most looking forward to, Mcwhorter replied, “Watching our athletic program as a whole continue to grow. I look forward to being a voice for our coaches and athletes to give them the best experience possible while here at CCCHS.” 

When asked what will be the most rewarding part to him, Costello responded, “I know I will find reward in encouraging every coach!”

CCCHS is thankful to have such dedicated and passionate athletic directors and are looking forward to seeing them grow in this position.