The Coffee County Lady Raider soccer team clenched their third consecutive Coffee Cup


The Lady Raiders smile big with the Coffee Cup trophy after their exciting match.

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

On Saturday, September 11, the girl’s soccer team traveled to East Middle School for their yearly Coffee Cup match against the Tullahoma Lady Wildcats. 

A quick goal by Amy Johnson about five minutes into the match put the Lady Wildcats up 1-0. However, Coffee County was able to answer quickly.

A foul from Tullahoma resulted in Katie Cotten getting an attempt at a penalty kick. That penalty kick was good, so the score was then tied 1-1 with several minutes left to play in the first half. 

After a whole first half with a strong performance from both defensive fronts, the score was still tied. As they headed into the second half of the play, the ball predominantly stayed on Coffee County’s offensive front.

Then, the possession moved to Tullahoma’s offensive front. However, neither team was able to connect enough passes or get the ball past either goalkeeper. 

The match was still tied after a whole 80 minutes of soccer, and under normal circumstances, the match would end in a tie. However, this was not just any normal match.

It was the Coffee Cup, so it had to be settled. The solution was for each team to shoot penalty kicks to officially declare a winner. 

Katie Cotten, Diana Ramirez, Jayda Wright, and Jorja Waggoner each made their penalty kicks, and those were all they needed to win. Lucy Riddle, Coffee County’s goalkeeper, blocked two of Tullahoma’s four penalty kick attempts.

Because the Lady Raiders scored four and the Lady Wildcats scored two, the final score was 5-3.

The Lady Raiders maintained the Coffee Cup this year for the third year in a row.