Culinary Program starts a new club


Mrs. Louden and a culinary student standing at their FACs fundraising booth.

Olivia Howell, Opinion-Editorial Editor

The Coffee County Central High school Culinary program is transitioning from FCCLA club to FACs club. According to advisor Becki Louden, they wanted to switch clubs because, “[w]e wanted to be more local. We have been in a national club for 9 years. We want to do more community service instead of competitions.”

Mrs. Louden also said, “It is about food, community service, and friendship. If you love food and cooking, FACs is the club for you. We are going to help the veterans and first responders in our community. We will do some local competitions.” 

According to President Alex Hudson, community service is going to be a major component of the club. When asked why she said, “It’s mainly inspiration from mine and Mrs. Loudens experiences. Mrs. Louden was in the army and I want to give others what I didn’t receive.” The club partners with Community Table, a local food ministry, to help provide meals.

Mrs. Louden is a proud army veteran. She was deployed to Iraq for one year, and has been on reserve for 14 years, and currently until 2032. Serving the veterans of the community will be a major part of the club. For veterans day, the club plans to give free take and bake pizzas and drinks out to veterans and first responders in the community.

Another large part of the club is the sense of family it creates. President Alex Hudson said, “I want this to be a welcoming club. It was something that I had not experienced before FCCLA and I want to keep that spirit.” The new club will be all about having fun while doing outreach and connecting with the community. 

The club will also do several catering and school fundraising events throughout the year. This includes the fundraiser currently underway. The club will also be fundraising during homecoming. 

Mrs. Louden also hopes that they will be able to offer some opportunities for field trips throughout the year to allow club members to see what working in the culinary field will really be like.