Coffee County weaves a ‘webb’ of victory


The coffee county cross country team’s op 3 finishers.

Garrett Masters, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After a strong start to their season, the Coffee County Cross Country team already is making headlines with their most recent victory at The Webb School. 

Webb hosts the John Freeman Invitational. This race is to celebrate and challenge local runners from all around the county area. It is also honoring the life of Webb School’s very own John Freeman, a senior runner who’s career tragically ended too soon. 

Seventeen teams entered the course. One came out on top. 

Let’s take a look at the results: 

On the boys side, Coffee County had three individuals place in the top ten. This may seem like only a small victory, until you realize that these placements secured the boys in first place. Every place counts,and every member has a part to play.

Starting from the ground up, junior Jacob Slaubaugh arrived in tenth place with a time of 19:03, barely securing the winning position from freshman Emmanuael Rodriguez.

Rising through the ranks and dashing into fourth place with a time of 18:10 was senior Garrett Masters. 

Finally, in our top ten contenders, freshman Bernard snagged second place with a personal best of 18:03. 

Although the guys lead the charge into first place, several other team members advanced their individual strides by raising their personal best times. These proponents progressed towards faster running profits. 

Some of these include senior Gio Salazer who ran a time of 29:20. 

Continuing on up the ladder, sophomore Cayden Miller tackled the course head-on, finishing with a 19:47. Finally, coming within the top thirty people, senior Landon Kenney achieved a personal finest of 20:28. 

However, not all the credit goes to the boys. After all, they are only half of the team. The girls put up just as tough of a fight, with efforts paid, resulting in third place overall! 

Some noteworthy lady raiders include junior Maddie Sullivan, who finished one spot outside of the top ten with a time of 25:00 flat. In similar regards, sophomore Kailee Rossman kept her place within the top twenty, resulting in a 25:46 for her 5k time.

Finally, a special mention goes to junior Taylor Semelroth, who challenged the course with stride, finishing with a time of 32:28. 

With already two wins under their belt, it will be very interesting to see what direction these running raiders will go this season. With results such as these, the expectations are slowly building for what this team is gonna go do!