CCCHS sophomores run for Student Government president and representatives


CCCHS welcomes newly elected Rossman as Sophomore Student Government Class President.

Elli Chumley, General Staff Reporter

CCCHS sophomores have a lot of “news” this year: new building, new grade levels to mingle with, and new experiences with clubs. Being at the Raider Academy makes it difficult for the freshman to get the whole experience of clubs when the heart of those clubs are at CCCHS. 

That being said, sophomores are offered the full experience of being a member of Student Government. The week of Sept. 7-10, Presidential elections were held for CCCHS’ newcomers.

Elections themselves were held on Sept. 10, so for the whole week prior, students campaigned. Campaigning consists of creating signs with catchy phrases that are hung in the commons and posting on social media just to get the word out there.

This year, there were six contenders running for the position of Student Government Sophomore Class President: Matthew Blomquist, Caden Davis, Melisa Garcia-Ayala, Ella Helms, Kailee Rossman, and Brayden Tomberlin.

The votes came in during sixth period, and Kailee Rossman and her winning slogan “If you don’t vote for Rossman, that’s your loss-man!” took the spot for Sophomore Class President for the 2021-2022 school year.

Similarly, elections for sophomore Student Government Representatives were held the following week of President elections, Sep. 13-17. The remaining presidential candidates who did not get elected were automatically put into the Representative election. 

Procedures for Representatives are the same as Presidential procedures; therefore, they are only allowed to campaign for the week of elections.

There were 10 new contenders running: Gracie Campbell, Sara Crosslin, Orianna DeSalvo, Caitlyn Garrett, Katie Lawrence, Marli Miller, Hayley Sparkman, Olley Todd, Raelin Tucker, and Jorja Waggoner.

Along with these 10 are the five additional candidates who did not get elected for President: Matthew Blomquist, Caden Davis, Melisa Garcia-Ayala, Ella Helms, and Brayden Tomberlin. Out of these 15 students, only four were selected to office.

The votes came in on Friday the 18 during seventh period, and Matthew Blomquist, Gracie Campbell, Caden Davis, and Olley Todd were elected as CCCHS’s 2021-22 Sophomore Class Representatives.

Student Government and CCCHS welcome Kailee Rossman as their new sophomore Student Government Class President and Matthew Blomquist, Gracie Campbell, Caden Davis, and Olley Todd as their new Student Government sophomore Class Representatives.