Converse releases “Leather Weather”


Platform cheetah print converse go with any solids.

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

Converse are those shoes that have always been around but have never been the “it” shoe. 

However, they are now becoming more and more popular, especially among teenagers. The brand has just released some new lines that have everyone excited. 

Several of these lines are appropriate for the fall, but they can be worn throughout the whole year. However, one of the newest lines is specifically meant for fall, and this line is “Leather Weather.” 

It features all leather shoes, and they come in different shades you would see for the fall time. These shades include brown, grays, blacks, maroons, greens, and whites. 

Not only are the colors different, but the styles are also different. Converse features platforms, lows, Surface Fusions, Cold Fusions, and Lugged. 

These newer styles are more chunky than the platforms, and they have textured bottoms. As for the designs, most are just plain colored, but there are some fun patterns.

One pattern is cow print, and the colors in this print are light brown, dark brown, and white. Some patterns are also plain white with a colored trim and star. 

Specifically, there is a style called “Run Star Hike,” and that is a newer style for Converse that has been extremely popular amongst teenagers. They resemble hiking shoes because of the bottom of the shoe.

You can always count on Converse to have the best releases, and the fall collection is very relevant. The beautiful thing about this drop is that every person will be able to find a shoe that fits them.