Alexa reviews her new phone


The new iPhone 13 was released on September 24

Alexa Morse, News Editor

As anyone else semi-interested in new tech, I was pretty excited when the new iPhone was announced. 

Luckily, I was due for an upgrade and was able to convince my parents to get me the new phone. Within a week, I had the new iPhone 13 Pro Max in my hand. 

The iPhone 13 comes in a few new colors including Sierra Blue, pink, and blue. 

As someone who went from an 8 Plus, the 13 has been a huge upgrade. 

Though face id has been on the iPhone for many generations now, this is my first experience with it and I can say that it makes the phone way more accessible. 

One of the major reasons why I wanted to switch over to the 13 was because of the camera. 

The new model includes new features including the cinematic mode which allows you to film movie-quality videos with new facial recognition sensors that autofocus. 

Not only that, the camera now allows users to zoom up to fifteen times. Users are also able to use the microscope mode to take high-quality close-ups of almost anything. 

One feature I find myself using a lot is the wide-angle mode. I will say that I am obsessed with it. 

I spend a good amount of time taking pictures of random things, and I am pretty happy with this upgrade. 

Another key feature of the new phone was its long-lasting battery life. 

I typically occupy myself on my phone, so I have run into the issue of my battery running low pretty quickly. 

In my short time using my new phone, I can already tell that the battery life is far better than my previous device. However, I just started using this phone, so time will tell if it lives up to its promise. 

Overall, I am pretty pleased with my phone at the moment. It has everything I wanted on a phone and I hope that it will ultimately live up to the hype.