Elizabeth Brown holds honor of TDOE subcommitte chairman

Elizabeth Browns position as FBLA state president has led her to many opportunities!

Elizabeth Brown’s position as FBLA state president has led her to many opportunities!

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Coffee County senior Elizabeth Brown has become 1 of the 18 chairs for the funding review subcommittees for the Tennessee Department of Education. 

Brown states, “My main role is to be the facilitator and I will go to meetings as well as engage with the director of schools and students. I am ultimately in charge of student engagement.”

Governor Lee recently called for a full review of Tennessee’s funding for public education. Many education commissioners agree with Lee’s review. 

Penny Schwinn voices, “Now is the time for bold action for our kids—to ensure we are doing everything in our power to serve them well, which starts with how we fund their educational journey. We are delighted to welcome these state and national experts to lead conversations on how we can develop a student-focused funding strategy in Tennessee.”

According to the TDOE, Lee’s goal in the review is to create a “focus on a student investment strategy that emphasizes all students rather than systems, empowers parents to engage in their child’s education and outcomes, ensures all students are prepared for postsecondary success, and reflects Tennesseans’ values.”

Brown voices, “This review is good for Tennessee because the funding system now has not really undergone a manageable and thorough change in 30 years. Students, teachers, and everyone in the state of Tennessee will benefit from this as well.”

When asked how she obtained this honor Brown replied, “I hold the title of FBLA state president I already work and network with not only students but adults in the state of Tennessee. Especially with those in the public school systems.”

“I am not only representing Coffee County but also the state which is such a big honor. Not many students or teachers have gotten to do something like this! I also thank FBLA for giving me the opportunity!”

Coffee County is proud to have one of our own representing the state of Tennessee as a subcommittee chairman!