There are certain fall trends to anticipate the most in 2021


This fall outfit features a shacket and a turtleneck sweater.

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

There are certain fall trends to anticipate the most in 2021

There were many trends for the back-to-school season, but now there are trends for the fall that are highly anticipated this year. Some trends from back-to-school are seen in the fall as well.

In Tennessee, the weather is still stuck on spring temperatures in early fall, so outfits for the colder weather have to be put on hold for a little bit.

With that in mind, these trends are going to be separated into categories, and those categories are tops, jackets, bottoms, and shoes. 

In the category of tops, the first type of shirts to expect are sweater-type turtlenecks. These are popular to pair under jumpers, spaghetti strap dresses, and jackets.

The favorite colors for these turtlenecks include black, white, brown, and an oatmeal color. Not only are they loved because they are cute, but they are comfortable and warm for when that cold weather hits. 

The next types of tops to anticipate are crewneck sweatshirts. However, the crewnecks that are going to be very popular and trendy are the ones with fall designs and Halloween sayings on them.

Everyone has seen the Nike crewneck sweatshirts, and they have been a trend all year long, but these are different because they are specifically geared toward fall. 

Colors to look out for in these can vary. Brown, black, orange, gray, and white will be the most seen this fall. 

The designs might be pumpkins, skulls, leaves, and just words such as “Hello pumpkin,” “Spooky,” “Halloweentown,” and many more. Many teenage girls are excited about this one because they are all over TikTok, and they can even be purchased through designers on TikTok. 

The next category of fall trends is jackets, and these jackets will look great over the turtleneck tops. 

The first type of jacket to anticipate is a shearling jacket. Although they are more on the pricey side, these jackets have taken the fashion world by storm, and everyone is excited for the temperatures to drop to bring them out. 

The color scheme to anticipate with these jackets is tan-and-cream. When paired with a black top and jeans or skirt, the outfit is set. 

The second type of jacket to expect is a shacket, and these are actually a very popular pick among all ages. Although the name sounds silly, it makes perfect sense. 

Shackets are half shirts and half jackets. They typically have a flannel design on the outside, and they are thicker than a shirt.

The next category is bottoms, and this is always a very interesting one. Trending bottoms change very often, and there are a variety of different pants to wear in the fall. 

There are many pants to wear instead of regular denim jeans, and the first pants that need to be highlighted are two-tone pants. 

Some styles are denim, but they are definitely a different look than plain jeans. The style is in the name, but two-tone pants are two different colors in a pair of pants. 

The colors to anticipate for the fall are brown and white, brown and black, and black and white. 

The next pants to expect in the fall are faux leather pants. These are making their comeback, and leather pants in general are a popular pick now. 

The most picked color that will be seen this fall is black. However, they come in just about any color desired. 

These leather pants paired with a turtleneck and a jacket over it creates the whole fall look. 

The last category is a fun one, and that is shoes. Shoes pull the outfit together, and they make a statement, so they will be very important this fall. 

The shoe that should be highly anticipated is a bootie. Now, this certain bootie that is about to be discussed is my personal pick because they are overall perfect for any outfit except maybe for sweatpants. 

You may be asking yourself, “There are all kinds of booties, so which ones is she talking about?’ The most popular booties I am talking about are white and animal patterned. 

As far as white goes, there are some taller white boots that are in style right now that are also perfect for fall and year round. These can be found at Boot Barn, and they are a very popular pick among girls on TikTok. 

Now, those linked above are just examples, but they come in all types of styles and patterns. They can be found at just about any boutique, and one of my favorite places to look for them is Instagram! They have so many options, and there are all kinds of cute boutiques that sell them through Instagram. 

Make sure to look out for these pieces during fall, and expect to see old trends make their comeback!