Time for fall: the pumpkin patch!


Elli Chumley, Anna Sauer, Elizabeth Brown, and Makenna Orrick enjoyed a day at the pumpkin patch.

Anna Sauer, General Staff Reporter

When the fall season started in Coffee County, I noticed a big difference from Germany. Here, you see a lot of houses decorated for fall or Halloween. Even the stores are full with fall and Christmas decorations. 

And the best part is: you have pumpkin patches. 

On October 17, I went to a Pumpkin patch for the first time. I was so excited. I think it is so funny that you have a place just for pumpkins. How cool is that?

First of all, I was impressed how long the line for the entrance was. There were so many people. 

At the entrance, we even got a sticker! 

When we were finally in, everything was fall! 

There were little trucks decorated with hay and pumpkins that you could take pictures with. We took pictures with a big pumpkin made out of wood. Next to it were even more pumpkins and hay. 

And there were scarecrows too. It really gave me fall vibes.

Once we got there, I thought there would be just pumpkins, but there were also fun activities you could join. They were mostly for little children, but did I try all of them? Of course! 

Once I noticed the hay bales, there was nothing holding me back. We spend probably ten minutes just jumping on the hay balls. It was so fun. 

Next stop was a big slide that you need a burlap sack for. It wasn’t really fast, but it was so cool. 

After that, we spent time on a climbing scaffold. There were four different slides, and there was even a boat. 

Then, I noticed the corn maze. We had a competition which team made it through the corn mace first. Of course, our team won! 

Then, it was time for the actual pumpkin patch. We took lots of pictures with the pumpkins. 

When we were ready to leave, we could even bring a pumpkin home and we didn’t even have to pay. It was a hard decision which pumpkin to choose. 

There were so many pumpkins, including green ones. I didn’t know that green pumpkins existed. It was a really fun day, but the story is not over yet.

It was time for carving and painting. It was the first time that I carved a pumpkin. 

It was really fun except when I had to get all the insides out of the pumpkin. 

In the end, I had a really cool pumpkin. I named him Jeffery and he looks scary. 

Jeffrey has found its place at the front door. I didn’t know that you can paint a pumpkin, so the others were painting their pumpkins. Now, Jeffrey has Frankenstein as his brother.

All in all, the day at the pumpkin patch was really fun. It was definitely an experience. There were many things I didn’t expect to be at a pumpkin patch. 

So, I would recommend anybody go spend a day at a pumpkin patch. Go get fall vibes!