Popular Halloween costumes are beginning to appear


Popular Halloween costumes line the walls of local department stores.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

Halloween has remained one of the most popular holidays celebrated in the United States for over a century. According to an article written by KRON4, “By 2005, just over half of adults celebrate Halloween. Today, that number has grown to over 70 percent.”

With the increase of participation, the intensity of costumes has continued to top the years before. Here’s a how-to for 2021’s hottest costumes! 

Squid Games

Coming in hot is the costume inspired by the Netflix show “Squid Games.” For this costume, you’ll need white slip-on vans, a green or pink tracksuit, and a black morphsuit mask. Along with being the most popular, it is also one of the easiest to DIY!

Fabulous Fairy

Taking the spot for runner-up is the classic fairy. This costume has recently regained popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. With fairy wings and a flowy dress, you too can join the trend!

Harley Quinn 

The main female character from the action-filled movies “The Suicide Squad” and “Birds of Prey” continues to rank high on the charts of popularity. Unlike in years before with her red and blue colored pigtails, you can spot those dressed as Harley Quinn in a red and black checkered jumpsuit.

Michael Myers

This decades-old fictional character regains popularity after the airing of the horror film “Halloween Kills” which was released on October 15. 

Cruella de Vil

Due to the release of the newest Cruella De Vil movie, which aired in late May of 2021, this custom has become a favorite for those dressing up for Halloween.


Spider-man has continued to be one of the most popular superhero costumes for years; 2021 is not any different. Although spider man can be portrayed in at least 10 different ways, it is the diversity of the character that leaves fans picking their favorite suit for Halloween. 


As seen on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram, the traditional witch costume is one in which you can recreate with clothing you already own. With a witch hat, some dark makeup, and a black dress, you’re set for whatever spells you may cast on Halloween night. 


Yee-Haw! The western-inspired cowboy costume has always been in style, but with the release of season four of the hit drama “Yellowstone,” they are trending now more than ever. With a cowboy hat, flannel, and boots you are ready for a hoedown.

As the 31st quickly approaches, you are sure to see some of these frightening costumes. Happy Halloween from the Coffee Press staff!