Amazing experience in CCCHS

Anton Zhovklyi, General Staff Writer

Exchange year and exchange students give new and unforgettable opportunities.

Being an exchange student is not easy. You have to speak a different language,  soak in the atmosphere and traditions of the country to which you flew (which can be completely opposite to the ones you are used to), and at the same time represent yours.

You leave your country, your friends, your family, your lifestyle.But you got something incredibly cool – an opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of an American teenager, feel the real America, dispel myths, and take something to improve your country.

In our school we have exchange students from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Ukraine.

Different corners of the world are here. We all are different, with our own history– but we are all together.

“Everyone is very kind and always smiles at you. Here is a cozy atmosphere and teachers treat you like a friend.” is used to describe their first impressions of school.

“My first experience and surprise was connected with electives” said students sharing their experience. ”In the U.S you can choose subjects that you want to learn, but in our countries the subjects that you will study are determined by the Ministry of Education”.

“I found an absolutely plus an electives, although treat like a minus that you have the same schedule for the whole year.  For example, in my country on Monday you can have math as a first period and on Tuesday your first period will be chemistry. Thanks to this, objects will not become boring and annoying for you”. 

We find some pluses, some minuses in our differences. And what it can mean?

Our countries, our lives are not better, they are not worse. They are just different. 

Our cultures and histories are also different and we should discover them, develop our countries, and exchange students help us with this goal.