Adele is back after a six year break


Adele performed for the world on the “One Night Only” special. (Photo by CBS)

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

On Sunday, November 15, the world saw an interview between Adele and Oprah Winfrey, and the superstar vocalist also performed at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. 

As a huge Adele fan, this was a very exciting time for me because I grew up always wanting her CD’s, watching her music videos, and performing her songs in recitals. When I heard she was releasing the album “30,” of course I was ecstatic, but when I got the news of her being on TV, I was even more stoked. 

First of all, “30” was her very first album release in six years. In that six-year period, Adele went through a divorce from her husband of two years, Simon Konecki. 

With that, came a period of weight loss for her due to her newfound love for working out. She says this was important for her because she lost some of that anxiety she previously had. 

Her album was not only inspired by her divorce with Konecki, but “it was more me divorcing myself,” she told Oprah on “One Night Only.” 

Right now, she has only released the song “Easy On Me,” and it had 24 million streams on release day, which was October 15. The rest of her album, however, will be released on Friday, November 19.

On the show, Adele performed “Easy on Me,” and she also sang some older songs in front of the Griffith Observatory. 

Let’s also take a moment to look at Adele’s iconic comeback outfits. 

To perform, she wore a long, silk, black dress designed by Schiaparelli. She wore her hair in an updo in order to see the detailing of the top of the dress and her Saturn pendant earrings. 

In her interview with Oprah, Adele wore an all-white pantsuit with embellished sparkle on the jacket and pants. Now, according to Fanside, women are searching for this look. 

All in all, the world is pretty excited about Adele’s return, and she seems pretty excited as well. In addition, her new album will be released on all music platforms. She told British Vogue that the music on this album are songs that are intended to be letters to her son. The songs answer questions she used to be unable to answer. 

Adele just continues to impress the world, and that is not expected to change especially after this new album drop on Friday.