We should all choose to forget the generational gap.


Making amends is the only option to move forward

Olivia Howell, Copy Editor and Opinion-Editorial Editor

We are at a turning point in our society. We are right at the crossroads of continuing in the legacy of our older generations or taking the new path of our young generations. The debate has been raging for years about what to do. Should we listen to the supposed wisdom of the boomers, or should we listen to the wealth of misinformation and inexperience of the millennials?  Neither of the options is the right one, no matter how much society may want you to think that they are the only options. 

Neither of the groups should lead totally. We should blend our ideas to make the best plan for our society. It is pride on both sides of the divide that has created this issue. We should forget our pride and come back together. 

One of the reasons younger generations choose not to listen to our elders is because they claim that they are the ones responsible for messing things up for everyone else. If you think about it, weren’t they in the same situation that we are in now? 

Society during their time also had to choose between their young and old. Why should they be penalized for something that was decided by those older than them? 

We follow a constant cycle of following our elders. We cannot change what they have done, but we should work together to change the future. If in some of our past decisions we had worked together, what could have been changed for the better?

The older generations claim that the younger ones have no experience and would lead us into ruin. The reason that the young have no experience is that they are not allowed to have it. 

Think about it. It is like saying that to get a starting position in a job, you need experience doing that job. 

Society cannot move forward that way. It creates a circuitous route in which only those that have the old recycled ideas can move forward. 

This does not mean that the opinions of the older generations should not be listened to, though their experience can be outdated, it is still experience.

Another reason that people do not want old people in power is because they grew up in a different age where the current problems are not the ones that they were facing at the time. This is true, but at the same time, we should not discount their wisdom. 

The problems that they faced at that time could still be relevant today. We know that history repeats itself. This means that by looking at our past we can help our future.

On the opposite side, the older generations think that the younger generations want to forget the past and only look to the future. This is not the fault of the current generation, but the one before it. If we don’t tell our young our stories and histories, how will they ever learn what to do when we are gone?

It is the current responsibility of the older generation to set what we learn in schools and how we learn it. In recent times, we have slowly been moving history farther and farther out of the circle of importance. 

The two generations can never seem to agree on what to do, but the longer that we argue over who to listen to, the worse things get and the more that we become divided. Now is the time where it is the most important to come together and forge a new combined path into the future.