Do you need some fun things to do over Christmas Break and this Christmas season?



The lights are on display at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

Elizabeth Brown, Sports Editor

Lucky for you, I have some ideas that you can do over this Christmas Break. 

First off, a fun idea is to bake and decorate cookies. You can do this with friends or family!

You can find cookie cutouts, sugar cookies, sprinkles, and icing at Walmart. This is a fun and easy idea for those who want to get their creative juices flowing. 

Another festive idea is for those creative people who like Christmas cookies. This idea is to build gingerbread houses.

Personally, I have always enjoyed building them and having a contest with friends. You can buy a kit with everything you need inside of it at any craft store or Walmart.

WIth the cookies and gingerbread houses, turn on some Christmas music or put on Christmas movies, and you are ready to go, and you are in the Holiday spirit. 

Another idea for the Christmas season is to go see Christmas lights. You would be surprised as to how many places you can go to see them. 

Watching Christmas lights is a good thing to do with your friends when you are out driving around. The hosts of the Christmas lights typically have a sign with what radio to listen to when going through the light show. 

Similar to watching Christmas lights, you can even take a trip to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. to walk around and see all of the hotel’s Christmas decorations. This is an awesome place to get pictures, see lights, and see the Christmas trees that the hotel has. 

The next idea is a sentimental one, and that is to send Holiday cards to soldiers. I used to do this as a child, but I want to start doing it again because they always appreciate any piece of mail they get. 

There are ways you can send a letter through email if you would rather do that!

Another fun idea is to play Christmas trivia. This is personally one of my favorite things I have done in the Christmas season. 

In the game, good questions to ask can be about Christmas movies or music. 

These are just a few ideas to consider for this Holiday season because Christmas is quickly approaching!