Why is “Last Christmas” still so popular?


There’s no doubt that Wham! created a Christmas classic, but how has it stayed so popular?

Anna Sauer, General Staff Reporter

“Last Christmas” turns 37. The famous Christmas song by the British band Wham! has been played every year during the Christmas season since 1984. And still, everybody loves it. 

But how is it possible that this song has stayed popular for almost 40 years? And why does nobody get tired of it?

Lets start there where the Christmas song is played endlessly: the radio. The music chef of the German radio station always answer for why the song is still popular: It’s the song’s high recognition value. The song consists of just a few accords and a very easy refrain. That’s why the song gets stuck in your head very easily.

Another point is that the song has accompanied many people since their childhood and therefore the song belongs to their Christmas time. It is part of a tradition to play it. 

It is the same as putting up a Christmas tree or baking Christmas cookies. Each year, the same traditions happen over and over again.

If you take a look at the lyrics, you can notice a difference between other Christmas songs. Most songs are full of happiness and joy for the upcoming Christmas time, but the famous hit by Wham! deals with a broken love story. 

This song is more realistic than others, which is why it stands out among the rest of your typical Christmas songs.

The actual reason why the song became so popular is the music video to the song. The singer, George Michael, was extremely popular during that time. He was that kind of person that most girls loved. 

The video on YouTube was published in 2009 and 638 million times clicked. Besides that, the video also tells a story. The whole family comes together to celebrate Christmas. You notice that George Michael falls in love but can’t have the girl he likes. 

As a viewer, you follow the story, which is why people keep watching the music video because you want to find out how the story ends. 

Since 1984, George Michael has earned and estimated nine million dollars per year on that popular song. That’s about 333 million dollar in 37 years.  

Those are a few reasons why “Last Christmas” by Wham! Is still popular today. In most cases, the song simply belongs to people’s traditional Christmas. Also, the song itself has specific terms that make the song get stuck in your head. Now that Christmas time has officially started, go listen to “Last Christmas” by Wham! and enjoy your Christmas time.