Super Senior: Phinehas Rollman


#33 Rollman shoots two against opponent Franklin County.

Elli Chumley, General Staff Reporter

Coffee County Central High School is filled with Super Seniors, even if those Super Seniors aren’t necessarily labeled as “students” that attend CCCHS.

Homeschooler Phinehas Rollman has been a member of the Red Raider basketball team for four years now, working his way up to a varsity spot for his junior and senior years.

Rollman says that juggling being a homeschooled student and an athlete for a public high school is “pretty easy.” He adds that it can be tempting to procrastinate his schooling, but as long as he stays “on or ahead of schedule,” it’s not all that bad to do both home and public school activities.

“I’ve come around on the pros of homeschooling as I’ve matured,” Rollman says, “and will most likely homeschool my own kids, provided they have the same, or better, social opportunities I have.”

Being a senior and one of the starting five, Rollman now has a big role on the Red Raider basketball team. “I try to lead by example,” he says. Some even say Rollman’s leadership role makes him the “dad” of the team.

Along with homeschooling and basketball, another distinct character trait that makes Rollman himself is that he’s a devout follower of Christ.

Rollman says, “Recently, I’ve been focusing on being a Godly influence as much as possible.”

One of the ways he has chosen to do that is to start a podcast with a group of fellow believers, most of which are students here at CCCHS.

A Bible study at a church retreat created by Rollman and a friend turned into a weekly Bible study with a few more friends, which eventually turned into the podcast “Applying Pressure,” which features a total of 11 high school students.

“We decided to get a microphone and start a podcast hoping to help others in their walk with Christ through our own study,” Rollman says.

“‘Not that I’ve already obtained it, but I press on.’ These words from Paul encourage us to press on with one another and make Christ known in our schools, and in the world,” reads the podcast’s bio.

Rollman’s hard work and drive in his commitment to the things he is passionate about–school, athletics, and his faith–is admired here at CCCHS as well as the community of Manchester. He might not necessarily be considered a student here nor will he technically graduate with the class of 2022 here, but he is one of CCCHS’s own.

Rollman’s piece of advice to you is to press on. Oh, and listen to Kanye when you get a chance.