Why does Netflix take down so many of their popular shows?



Every once in a while, Netflix refreshes their programs.

Anna Sauer, General Staff Reporter

Netflix, along with Disney and Amazon, is one of most used movie and show programs worldwide. Netflix has a huge variety of movies and shows that are pretty common and popular. 

Those who use Netflix might have noticed that those shows are no longer available. But why is that?

Netflix announced that they will take multiple shows down during the year of 2022. There is a whole list of shows that Netflix is planning to take down, including shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Prison Break”. 

The 2009 released show “The Vampire Diaries” had a total of 5.7 million viewers. A reason for that were the actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. 

“Prison Break,” on the other hand, had a total of 10.5 million viewers. This is not the first time that Netflix takes shows down. But why does Netflix take off shows that are some of its most watched shows?

Netflix purchases licenses for series and movies from studios around the world. Although Netflix tries to keep the titles we want to see, some shows must be removed from the program due to licensing agreements. That means that it is not actually Netflix but the license agreements that leads to the fact that the shows need to be removed. 

The loss of shows and movies leads to increasing disappointment in Netflix from subscribers. Because of that, people stop watching Netflix. When customers stop watching Netflix, its revenue goes down. 

On the other hand, we must understand that Netflix is a huge company. When shows are taken down, there will be shows and movies that are new. “Squid Game” is one of those shows. 

“Squid Game” was published on Netflix September 2021. It is the most popular show that has ever been on Netflix. After four weeks, the show was streamed 142 Million times.

Therefore, even when Netflix takes down shows that were part of the Netflix classics, there will be other shows instead.