German foreign exchange student shares her experience in an American sport


The Lady Raider softball team prepares for the upcoming season.

Anna Sauer, General Staff Reporter

Since I have been an exchange student from Germany, I always wanted to experience an American sport that you can’t find in my home country. That’s why I decided to join the Coffee County Lady Raider Softball Team.

Without Coach Mac, I wouldn’t have been able to join the softball team because I would never have made the tryouts. That’s why I am really thankful for that opportunity that he has given me.

Right after Christmas Break, the team started practicing after school for three hours. Part of that is throwing, hitting, lifting, and conditioning. 

I remember my first practice. I came home and realized what I had done. My first thought was: “I can’t do that everyday after school.” 

I had never worked out for three hours straight. That was a huge difference to what I was used to. On top of that, the Lady Raider softball team is second place in the state, which increased the pressure.

I honestly thought about quitting. It was and still is really hard for me. Now, I see it as a challenge. I will never have the chance to join a softball team again. 

I also talked with my host mom about it. She told me I shouldn’t compare myself to the other players because most of them have played their whole life. She said, “Just try your best and you will be fine.”

At first it was really disappointing. I couldn’t even hit from the tee. Now I see small steps of improvement at every practice. The girls on the team are also very supportive. They show me how I could improve in many ways, which is really helpful.

 I am really excited for when the actual season starts and I am able to experience the team support during games. Thank you to Coach Mac and the Lady Raider softball girls!