A birthday in America


Birthday traditions may differ from Germany to America, but you’re always in for a surprise!

Anna Sauer, General Staff Reporter

Two weeks ago was my first birthday in America. I turned 18 years old and it was so fun to experience a completely different birthday tradition than I am used to. 

In Germany, your birthday starts with a happy birthday song in the morning. You get a cake and you blow out candles to make a wish. 

After that you open your presents. On the birthday itself, you will have dinner with your whole family. The following weekend, you will have a birthday party with all your friends. 

The 18th birthday in Germany is the most celebrated birthday because you are officially an adult, which gives you the opportunity to do everything. Here in America, it is your 21st that is celebrated with a big birthday party.

My birthday experience in America was really great. On my birthday, we had brunch with parts of my host family. After that, we had a birthday party with my friends and family. 

All of them sang a birthday song and we had our birthday cake. After that, I opened my presents.

I had a nice birthday and I was just happy, but on Sunday, I had a big surprise party with all my friends, family, and teammates. I was so shocked because I did not expect that. 

We had a big photo shoot together. It was so much fun! It was such a nice idea because, when I go back to Germany, I can remember all the nice people that I have met. 

That was when I realized that I just have three more months until I go back home. I just want to enjoy the last months with all those people. Thanks to everyone who came to the surprise party. It really means a lot to me.