Interact is making a comeback with new leadership in place


Charlie Westmoreland and Karen Fisher are excited for this year. Welcome to Interact!

Juliana Rust, Clubs & Organizations Editor

Interact is a club that is offered at CCCHS that helps students interact with our community. 

In previous years, Interact was run by Kandace Perry. Charlie Westmoreland and Karen Fisher also started to sponsor Interact. However, this year, Westmoreland and Fisher are the main sponsors.

Interact’s members have grown from last year. Considering this and new leadership, Westmoreland is very excited for what can come from this club.

Westmoreland states, “I’m most excited for the participation. I’m trying to drive everyone to take initiative and to work harder than before when it comes to just serving.”

Interact is a club that helps the community and others. This is an aspect that he wants to heavily embrace. However, Westmoreland wants to inspire students to take the first step towards helping the community.

This year,` he wants to focus on fundraising for the club. Westmoreland finds the most difficult part of being a sponsor is deciding how to fund-raise. This fundraising would help prepare for the upcoming spring conference. 

Mr. Westmoreland wants Interact to be accessible for everyone. Therefore, instead of using Remind as the main source of communication, he is using Google Classroom so that information is more easily accessible. 

He explains, “We’re going to emphasize communication. Last year, I did it with Remind and I think some people fell through the cracks with Remind. Some didn’t have phones, service, minutes to receive texts. So, I’m doing everything through Google Classroom.”

Mr. Westmoreland is very excited for what the year is going to bring for Interact!