Friday Night Lights are back in action


The Raiders are projected to be set for a win 5 years in the making.

Bethany Lambert, Sports Editor

This year, CCCHS get to celebrate 100 years of Red Raider football. In the past century, they’ve suffered losses, celebrated wins and had fun with a cross-town rivalry. But what many often don’t see or talk about are the hours spent leading up to the game. 

The team spends more than just a day or a week preparing for each game. They spend hours in the weight room and are on the practice field for months. 

There is time over the summer that was spent on the field instead of in the pool. There are days after school when they could be eating or hanging out, but instead, they’re getting faster, stronger, and better. 

Red Raider football coach Doug Greene is shares more about the work put in and the expectations the guys are held to. He stated that they start weight training and agility training in November, and in May they start working on passing and special teams. By July, the guys get to put on full pads and start scrimmages. 

Greene also talked about the upcoming season: “There has never been a playoff win here ever, and we plan to make history by doing that.” 

Greene notes the team’s biggest strength as, “the fact that our guys play together and there is a bond that I think is important in all sports. And we’re going to play hard. We’re going to go compete. You cannot just walk in. You have to play hard and match our intensity to beat us.” 

He was able to talk about the adversity they faced in the off-season with injuries and weather, and they were able to overcome them and stay focused. “If something like that happens again in a ball game, I think we’ll be prepared for it. So you kind of have to take when you have adversity and learn from it. It makes you better.”

The first game of the season against Franklin County was a loss in the last play of the game, and Greene shared a benefit to this that might be unexpected: “Now, they hate to lose. I hate to have to drag them back up, but on the other hand, I’m glad they’re not okay with losing.” 

Greene speaks up about unity for the “Friday night football family.” He states, “All the student athletes are working, and when they go out on Friday night, they are part of the Friday night show. We just really want to support each other. My biggest thing is for the whole athletic department to support each other.”  

On Friday, Aug. 26, our guys took home the Coffee Pot after many years of it being in Tullahoma with a 35 to 14 win! The band, cheer team, dance team, and the student section showed up in full.

Friday night lights are back in action, and the Raiders are ready for the season and to make history!