There is brilliant realism behind “It Ends with Us”

Colleen Hoovers It Ends With Us incorporates the real life struggles of the author.

Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us” incorporates the real life struggles of the author.

Lili Stetler, Opinion Editorial Editor

The ground-breaking novel by Colleen Hoover, “It Ends with Us,” was flying off the shelves in January 2022 after being released nearly six years prior. 

It became one of the most talked about romance novels of the year due to its overwhelmingly sudden popularity on social media. Readers ran to devour the intense enemies-to-lovers story. 

The book follows Lily Bloom and her struggles with family, entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, love. Alongside the unbelievable popularity, proves there is more to the novel than just hype. 

Many of Hoover’s novels hold a strong meaning behind them and often address sensitive subjects that many authors shy away from due to their subjective experiences. In “It Ends with Us,” she articulately portrays an abusive relationship, the loss of family, and heartbreak.

Her use of reality and struggle create a story that most can relate to. Whether it be having an unconditional love for someone who does not deserve it or the gut-wrenching feeling of losing someone, Hoover’s words reconcile with her readers.

At the end of the novel in the note from the author, Hoover openly shares the story of her father’s abuse toward her mother and how it affected her personal life. 

The first incident between Ryle, Lily’s love interest, and Lily was based on Hoover’s father and one of the first instances he disrespectfully laid his hands on her mother.

The scene is filled with raw emotion and is one of the most intense scenes in the book. Hoover alludes to this emotion in the author’s note: “This book is different. This was not entertainment for me. It was the most grueling thing I have ever written.” 

It is through the protagonist of the story that the author turns her mother’s pain into art for the world to read. 

Hoover’s storytelling creates a truthfulness to the story that is brilliantly executed. Despite all of this, some subjects mentioned in the book may be too sensitive and overwhelming for some readers. Going into the book blind is simply the worst idea the reader could make.