Here are some tips and tricks for your fall decorations


Plenty of websites offer a great deal of help for decorating with fall. Orange Christmas lights can add the spooky lighting needed for horror movie marathons.

Maci Jacobs, Feature Editor

As summer falls away, autumn takes a slow step into our daily lives. Bring out the hoodies, and turn on the horror movies; It’s finally time for fall! 

There are so many amazing qualities of this season. Some people like the pumpkin flavors, others the reds, oranges, and yellows painting our towns’ forests. Many people list this time of year as “Hoodie Season”. 

Though we’re not here to talk about the weather, we’re here to talk about decorating your home for the upcoming season!

Of course, decorating your home for any occasion is completely up to you; however, here are some tips and tricks to help you get into the spirit!

Decorating the outside of your home is usually the easiest. You can toss your inexpensive fall blankets over the back of your rocking chairs and place pumpkins on the front steps. 

This is easy enough, but try adding lanterns next time to make your time outside at night a little more bright. You can try adding some of the leaves from trees in your yard to add a more cheap yet still adorable decoration. You could scatter them across the porch or use thread to string and hang them around the front of your house. 

As for your front door, you can’t just leave it alone! You can go all out and buy a fall wreath or you can make one for a lot less money. If you’re planning on making one, Country Living magazine has a few interesting concepts. 

One idea you could use is the Indian Corn Wreath, and the only items you need are hot glue, a wreath form to glue your project to, and lots of corn! All you have to do is take the corn and glue it around the wreath, then get a nail and hang it on your front door! You could even use pine cones or sticks and fall-colored leaves.

If you want a warm atmosphere, try decorating with the classic fall colors. Red, orange, yellow, and brown are going to become your best friends. Along with plaid, the colors of a campfire such as these littered around your house will give the spooky vibe you’re dying to obtain.

If you’re looking for something a bit more to decorate your home with, try adding centerpieces to a few of your rooms. Pinterest is the one of the easiest places to look for do-it-yourself centerpiece projects, though you can go to just about any website to get inspiration.

Pumpkins made of mason jar lids and ribbon, shrouds of wheat in lidless mason jars, and fall flowers in rustic buckets are just examples of the many crafts you could do. 

Preparation for any season is one of the most family-bonding activities a lot of people do. Preparation for your favorite seasons is one of the most enjoyable. Now, who’s ready for fall?