The UT Vols climb the ranks


Bryan Lynn, USA TODAY Sports

The UT Vols have been performing well this season, causing the excitement of their fans to rise.

Bethany Lambert, Sports Editor

Autumn in Tennessee brings not only orange leaves, but also Big Orange Apparel. University of Tennessee Volunteers fans are everywhere with Big Orange sweaters, hats, socks, bumper stickers, and flags on their cars.

While Tennessee has several prominent football teams, Tennessee Vols fans have many reasons to be especially excited this football season. The Vols started the season unranked, and they have steadily been climbing. They are currently ranked second in the nation! 

It has been many years since UT-Knoxville has had a team that could take it all the way. Their last national championship was in 1998 with quarterback Tee Martin leading the team.  

This year’s team has been racking up wins so far under the leadership of quarterback Hendon Hooker. The current statistics are nine to one with wins against Ball State, Pittsburg, Akron, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Kentucky, Ut Martin, Missouri. However, they lost to the undefeated Georgia bulldogs. 

Hooker’s statistics aid the season excitement. As of a few weeks ago, Hooker has had 41 pass touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns; currently, he has scored at least one touchdown in the last 17 games. He has rushed 231 yards and thrown only three interceptions. Vols defense has had 14 sacks and five interceptions.

While UTK still has several tough games ahead, they are on track to have a great season. With the national championship only 8 weeks away, Vols fans are on the edge of their seats.