Is Christmas cheer enjoyed too early in the year?

Its the time of year for this meme to trend again.

It’s the time of year for this meme to trend again.

Now that Halloween has passed, is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? Many people put up decorations and get into the Christmas spirit right after Halloween, but is that the right way to do it?

 For most people, the holidays are a time to get away from their normal routines. 

Holidays are great for allowing yourself to look forward to something. Many get tired of having to do the same thing day after day, so that’s one of the many reasons people start celebrating Christmas as early as possible.

Some choose to get into the holiday spirit through listening to Christmas music, but many seem torn on whether it’s time to break out these classic tunes.

A survey done by Statista shows that 33 percent of adults don’t mind stores playing Christmas music in November, while over half, 55 percent, don’t support it. Twelve percent responded that they weren’t sure.

One student at CCCHS, Summer Lokey, was asked, “When do you think people should celebrate Christmas?” She responded, “Thanksgiving is like a weekend thing, Christmas is celebrated the second Halloween is over, and we have been talking about Halloween since August.” 

She also stated, “Halloween and Christmas are easily top two holidays, but any argument about celebrating Thanksgiving is invalid, because who talks about Thanksgiving a month in advance? No one.”

Another student at CCCHS, Pryson Graham, commented, “Christmas is being celebrated too early. Christmas should be associated with the month of December like every other respective holiday.”

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for the celebration of the harvest and other great blessings of the past year. It is a way of gathering with family and having a day to realize your blessings. However, Christmas is a much more extravagant holiday, which causes many to be ready to jump straight to the festivities.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching quickly, so whether you wait until December or are already putting up your lights, everyone is welcome to enjoy the highlights of the season. No matter what, though, Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin will be in everyone’s heads next month!