Five fun festivities for Gatlinburg vacations


With so many activities, those travelling to Gatlinburg are sure to find something they’ll enjoy!

Maci Jacobs, Feature Editor

One of the state’s most well-known wonderlands is getting a special introduction. Gatlinburg, Tenn. is ranked number one in the article, “12 Best Places to Visit in Tennessee.” 

The Great Smoky Mountains are always a fun decision for a family or friend trip. Several miles of nature at its purest form entertain tourists from the moment they get there. The view is something all on its own when it comes to reasons to go; the mountains are mesmerizing. 


Looking at no more than $35 for general admission, Anakeesta involves a fun ride on a skylift leading up to a wonderful little area with things for everyone to do. There is a place for mining gems, zip lining, beautiful treetop bridges, and one of the biggest attractions, the Atstra Lumina. 

Astra Lumina

This is one of the most majestic places to visit in Gatlinburg, Tenn. The lights make you feel like you’ve entered another universe. 

“We’re always told to reach for the stars, but what if the stars could reach for us?” 

The theme is purely focused around the stars and the solar system. Each walk-through includes a title that relates back to something astronomical.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Robert Ripley was a cartoonist, an entrepreneur, and an anthropologist. He is most well known for traveling to over 200 countries to reveal unbelievable aspects of today’s culture. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum offers looks at uncanny optical illusions, strange out-of-the-box animals, amazing people, and so much more. They offer exhibits of the world’s tallest underground waterfall and even synchronized fireflies. 

Star Cars Museum

Take a trip through time as you glance at cars made famous by movies through about the last 50 years. First opening in 1996, the collection consisted of cars brought about by famous television shows and movies. The collection also shows us celebrity-owned vehicles. Star Cars museum is currently the home of 45 well-known cars. 

Amazing Mirror Maze

A very self-explanatory task, the mirror maze is lit up with beautiful lights in blacklighted colors. It’s truly a beautiful place to have fun with friends and family while wasting time by running into mirrors and trying to escape.