The CCCHS Theater is finally reopening its doors


The CCCHS Theater has been fully renovated, boasting its new seats, carpet, and sound system.

Cass Douglas, Copy Editor and Historical Highlights Editor

For the first time since 1976, the CCCHS theater was approved for much overdue TLC. 

At the closing of the musical “Curtains” last year, the theater also closed its doors. Theatre department chair Jonathan Higdon finally received the go ahead to update the rundown space. 

Renovations included new seats, new carpet, and a new sound system. These updates come only a few years after the lighting restoration three years before.

The renovations ran a little past schedule. These upgrades were intended to be finished upon the conclusion of summer break. However, the company assisting with the facelift ran into setbacks; both the seats and carpet went on back order.

Due to these obstacles, the seats did not find their new home until after Thanksgiving break, and the carpet was finished during the week of Jan. 15. Fortunately, the new seats have been welcomed with open arms by students. 

After the carpet was finished, Higdon revealed the advancements to his theatre classes. These updates were met with gasps of awe and joy. The theatre program is ecstatic to finally reopen its doors.