Miley Cyrus masterminded “Flowers”


Miley Cyrus’s hit song “Flowers” provides a message of self-empowerment.

Lili Stetler, Opinion Editorial Editor

Miley Cyrus’s drop of her new song “Flowers” has taken the world by storm and isn’t letting up. The Easter eggs hidden in each line of the song and in the music video are leaving fans constantly seeking for the truth behind the song.

Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce in 2019 is unmistakably the base inspiration of the song. Listeners immediately knew who the song was about just from the title. Hemsworth dedicated Bruno Mars’s hit song “When I was Your Man ” to Cyurs at their wedding, and with the title she alluded to the line, “…I hope he buys you flowers.”

However, she didn’t stop there. Her entire chorus is constructed after the lines of Mars’s song, but instead of focusing on the love in the lines, Cyrus turns them into self-empowering messages. Lines in the song state that she can buy herself flowers and take herself dancing, contrary to needing a man to do it for her. 

The video takes place at the house Hemthsworth allegedly cheated on her with over ten women; however, this is not confirmed. Cyrus continues through the music video doing his workout, wearing the suit he wore when he told her to “behave for once” at a red carpet, and dancing freely in the house. To top it all off, Cyrus released this hit single on Hemsworth’s birthday. 

If you haven’t noticed the song on social media or on the radio, it if you give it a listen, you could possibly find even more Easter eggs.