The season for promposals rolls around


A beautiful moment from Neviah Coleman and Cayleigh Pratt shared in the cafeteria sparks the season of promposals.

Maci Jacobs, Feature Editor

Beginning on Monday, March 20, people walking into the cafeteria were greeted with a sweet, sentimental experience. 

As prom tickets go on sale, students begin to shoot their shot with their loved ones.

“Popping the question,” is always done in a romantic way, so what better practice is there than the nerve-wracking, attention-grabbing method of a grand promposal. 

First thing in the morning on Monday, junior Cayleigh Pratt patiently waits after setting up a surprise for her girlfriend, sophomore Neviah Coleman.

Friends lined up on either side of the walkway, holding white carnations, silently on the lookout for when Coleman came down the hallway from the bus loading zone. 

People all around the cafeteria recorded and took pictures for the couple’s adorable moment, happy to be able to watch the scene unfold in front of them. 

“Y’all are weird,” Coleman expressed with a warm smile on her face while she walked down the aisle, collecting the beautiful flowers, and headed towards the love of her life. 

The sign read “Lego to prom,” with the Lego symbol drawn on it and a motorcycle Lego set in her hand. “The fact that she liked Legos made it easy,” Pratt stated during the interview

Coleman reaches the poster, someone steps out from the crowd to hand her a maker, and the sparks flew as she checked yes. 

The cafeteria whooped and hollered as the emotion packed moment stole their hearts. The girls embraced each other in a tight hug. Pratt was so relieved, needless to mention, excited.

Promposals are a fun and inexpensive form to reach out, and get that guy or girl you’ve been keeping your eyes on. Consider who you’re thinking about asking, would they be more likely to say yes if you became an extravagant romantic?