Beloved actor Lance Reddick has passed away


Lance Reddick, best known for his role in “The Wire” and the “John Wick” franchise, has passed away.

Gerardo Deanda, General Staff Reporter

On March 17, 2023, treasured actor Lance Reddick was found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles, Calif. Reddick was 60 at the time of his passing. His representative, Mia Hansen, states his cause of death was natural causes.

Reddick was born on June 7, 1962, in Baltimore, Md. As an adult, he studied classical music composition at the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music. There he earned a Bachelor of Music degree. Reddick then attended the Yale School of Drama in the early 1990s, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1994.

Reddick was known through many medians. He made music and appeared in TV shows and films. He released his debut album titled, “Contemplations & Remembrances” in 2007. Reddick also appeared in some video games. He played Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the stern Commander Zavala in the Destiny franchise. 

His more well-known roles in television were Cedric Daniels in “The Wire”, Phillip Broyles in ”Fringe”, and Chief Irvin Irving in “Bosch”. In film, he was best known for his role in the “John Wick” franchise as the lovable concierge Charon. 

Although Reddick has sadly passed away Bungie, the developers behind Destiny, have assured fans they will see more of Zavala in the game. Reddick recorded voice lines for the game in advance so players will be able to continue seeing him in the video game. 

It seems likely Bungie will opt to write Zavala out of the Destiny story instead of recasting him.

For fans of Reddick who do not play Destiny, they can look forward to seeing him in the newest “John Wick” film, “John Wick: Chapter 4”. The crew members of the movie honored Reddick by wearing blue ribbons to the premiere of the film. 

In an interview with CNN, Keanu Reeves said, “He was a beautiful, special person, [He] was a person of dignity and grace. I just feel really honored and grateful that I had a chance to have met him and worked with him.”

Reddick’s wife, Stephanie Reddick, said in an Instagram post, “Lance was taken from us far too soon. Thank you for all your overwhelming love, support and beautiful stories shared on these platforms over the last day. I see your messages and can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have them”. The post was soon flooded with love for Reddick and support for his family. 

Mrs. Reddick stated if anyone would like to donate in Mr. Reddick’s name, the donations could be made through, based in his hometown of Baltimore, Md.