Here are some great songs for the warm weather

These summer-inspired picks will have you dancing the night away!

These summer-inspired picks will have you dancing the night away!

Zay Gutierrez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

We’re heading into May, and that means warm weather is here! We’ve already begun seeing higher temperatures and clear skies—when it isn’t pouring rain, of course.

What helps set the mood more than the sunshine? Music of course! Here is a playlist comprised of 15 songs that will have you feeling good and groovy in the coming spring weather!

“Running Out Of Time” – Paramore

This is the song that inspired the whole playlist; with amazing bass lines and groovy rhythm and lyrics, this song will have you head-bopping and tapping your fingers!


The alternative sound is very charming and easy to dance along to. It’s impossible not to!

“My Type” – Saint Motel

This song has an upbeat and rhythmic tune that’ll get you dancing like a puppet on a string!

“Music For a Sushi Restaurant” – Harry Styles

First of all, it’s Harry Styles; you know the song will get you on your feet. Second, the song has such a unique and cheerful sound you just cant resist!

“Cool for the Summer” – Demi Lavato

With “summer” in the title, this song lives up to its name with the bright and exciting beat!

“Hard Times” – Paramore

There’s just something special about the way the tune and beat work together to get you moving! Despite the title, the song makes you feel like it’s party time!

“Side Effects” – The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren

This is another one of those where the beat is well paired with the tune and perfectly rhythmic to make you bust out your moves!

“Treasure” – Bruno Mars

Oh come on, who hasn’t heard this song? The tune and lyrics are joyful and smooth, and the song itself is just nostalgic!

“where I wanna be found” – NEEVE

You’ll wanna be found listening to this song! It’s catchy and upbeat, perfect for a good warm feeling!

“this is what falling in love feels like” – JVKE

The beautiful opening leads you into an incredible song about the feeling of love, all along with bright warm tunes!

“Do Your Thing, Babe!” – Michael Medrano, Funk LeBlanc

This song is very upbeat and funky, and gets you dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

“This is Why” – Paramore

This one is a bit of an odd-man-out and doesn’t sound very like the others in terms of pitch, but just trust me. The beat is very catchy and will have you tapping your feet in no time!

“Gold” – Chet Faker

It has a very unique sound, but very pleasant to listen to and good at getting you in the warm groove!

“Heaven Angel” – THE DRIVER ERA, Ross Lynch, Rocky

This song is another good head-bopper; the beat is catchy and almost satisfying to listen to!

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl” – EASHA

Another oddball, but let me cook! It’s super catchy and the beat matches the funky dance beats of the rest of the playlist.


Each of these songs pulls this playlist together in a really cool–and almost alternative–way! The catchy tunes and beats really capture that warm weather feeling, perfect for singing and dancing along. Here’s to great vibes and great weather!