The United States celebrates the natural world and spreads environmental awareness


People all across the United States advocate the rights of Mother Nature and all of her valuable, irreplaceable resources.

Anna Claire Willmore, News Editor

For tree-huggers, conservationists, and all-around nature-lovers, Earth Month is an important time to advocate for the rights of the natural world around us.

During the month of April, America sets aside a time to spread awareness for the conservation and well-being of Mother Nature and her resources. Each year on April 22 and on the final Friday of the month, the nation celebrates Earth Day and Arbor Day, respectively.

Although it may come as a surprise to some, our world has been plagued with pollution and abuse caused by us humans for hundreds and even thousands of years. Only recently has this exploitation of the earth become a full-on crisis.  

In hopes of bringing these issues to an end and making more people within our nation aware of all of these problems, the United States has organized a time to formally speak out about the rights of our earth.

There are many ways that we can celebrate Earth month while advocating the salubrity of the natural world.

If one were to take an uncomplicated approach toward observing Earth month, one could simply go outside and appreciate the fresh air by taking a nature walk or hugging a tree. Picking up trash in the community and starting a recycling bin are also simple ideas to assist in the cause.

Going on a hike, kayaking in a local river or lake, or taking a bike ride are all also very fun-filled, exhilarating activities one can do to enjoy nature, while also providing a healthy amount of exercise.

Furthermore, planting a tree (or three!), sowing a vegetable garden, or putting together a flower bed are all a few more wonderful ways to get out in nature and use its natural resources in a conscientious manner.

It is evident that we as humans must try to spread environmental awareness to help our earth.  Simultaneously, it is also important to get outside, have fun, and enjoy Mother Nature and all of her resources in a careful way this Earth Month.