The first round of the 2023 NFL Draft held many surprising decisions


Jeff Roberson

First pick of the first round, Bryce Young, goes to the Dolphins

Bethany Lambert, Sports Editor

The NFL began the 2023 draft on April 27. The first round only had 31 picks compared to the standard 32 because the Dolphins had to forfeit their pick. 

In the first round the Broncos, 49ers, Rams, and Browns all did not have a pick due to trades made. However the Dolphins lack of a first round pick was due to a tampering scandal.

Thanks to a trade made with the 49ers back in 2021, the Dolphins still had a first round pick, number 29,  which they traded to the Broncos for Bradley Chubb, a linebacker. The Broncos then ended up trading the 29 picks to the Saints. The Dolphins, as punishment, also had to forfeit their third round pick in the 2024 draft.

The Panthers had the first pick and they chose Bryce Young, quarterback from Alabama. The Texans got both their second pick and the third when the Arizona Cardinals decided to trade. From these the Texans got C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. To finish out the top five first round picks, the Colts got Anthony Richardson, and Devon Witherspoon went to the Seahawks. 

The Tennessee Titans’ number 11 pick was Peter Skorononski. Skorononski is a 21-year-old offensive tackle, weighing 315 lbs, and is 6’4’’ in height. He was born and raised in Ill. He attended Northwestern university in Ill., a Division-1 big ten university. 

U.T. Vols had former player Darnell Rights, offensive tackle, get selected as the number 10 pick to the Bears. 

Several other interesting trades took place, one of the more notable being the Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the Jets for a handful of picks in the 2023 draft, along with a 2024 pick if Rodgers played in a majority of the snaps in their game against the Packers.   

The 2022 Superbowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, finished out the first round with a pick from Kansas state: defensive end Felix Anudike-Uzomah. 

A few picks before, number 28, was the Bengals, the team who faced the Chiefs in the 2022 AFC championship, and they secured Myles Murphy. Murphy is a Defensive End from Clemson. 

The Bengals have the first pick in round two thanks to a trade with the Bears. They will also have the 60th pick and the Chiefs will also finish out round two with the 63rd pick of the 2023 draft. 

This year, the draft was held in Kansas City, Missouri. And just as previous years was a huge success. Round two and three were held on April 28 and 29.