Volunteering leaves a lasting effect on our community


Lacey Brown

The Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy left their mark on Park View Senior Living in Tullahoma. It was such a beautiful day for such beautiful memories.

Maci Jacobs, Feature Editor

The world operates through the responsibilities people are left to complete. These responsibilities are labeled as “careers”.

Kind hearted people all over the world volunteer for hobbies they enjoy. Our school even has clubs directly related to community service. Some businesses rely on volunteers alone. While this does create issues for the business, it still allows people to show that they care about the world we live in.

Tennessee Promise, a popular scholarship for seniors to go to any community college in Tennessee for free for two years, actually requires eight hours of volunteering. 

Volunteering can even be beneficial to an individual’s mental health. Some research can actually prove self-esteem and volunteering have a positive correlation.

Doing things out of the kindness of your heart for your community can leave a lasting impact on so many people. 

One instance involving students that attend our school includes the spring event conducted by Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy. The club went to an assisted living home in Tullahoma on Saturday, April 22.

Folks enjoyed many activities while sharing stories about their lives with the teenagers. Some of the activities included playing bingo and potting plants, but the main goal was not to give them something fun to do. 

The goal was to make sure these folks knew they still had people that cared for them.  They had an opportunity to connect with new people, engage in fun experiences, and have a day they would not forget.

Volunteering doesn’t stop when there isn’t anyone who needs to enjoy life; volunteering also includes hard work. 

Take the Adopt-A-Highway movement for example.  People from all over the country join together in helping clean up our interstate and highway systems. They work hard to make sure our community is trash-free and happy.