Taylor Swift Eras Tour swarms social media


Taylor Swift with another save after her hit performance.

Lili Stetler, Opinion Editorial

If you’ve been on social media, such as TikTok or Twitter, there is a high chance that you have seen #TSTheErasTour. It was created when Taylor Swift first announced The Eras Tour in Nov. of 2022.

However, now that Swift is actively performing in sold out arenas every weekend, the hashtag only grows. 

On March 18, Swift opened the tour in Glendale, AZ. Within seconds, clips of her opening set from her “Lover” era were overtaking Twitter. As every song ended and a new one began, updates of Swifties freaking out swarmed social media feeds for the full three hours of the concert. 

Although many local fans wanted to avoid the spoilers, international fans were grateful for the livestreams, photos, and videos. Swift has yet to announce international dates and locations, but until then international Swifties will be following the hashtag closely every weekend.

If you were fortunate enough to snag a ticket to the most talked about tour, then there is an abundance to look forward to. The set list consists of 44 songs and lasts over three hours with no breaks, and out of the 44, there is a new surprise song each night! 

According to the Swifties in the media, comfy shoes are a must despite a cute outfit, arrive early, and get your merchandise the day before the concert. However, if you don’t have a ticket, you can join the international fans in the live streams!