What you need to know: Raideroo Homecoming


The Raideroo Homecoming Lineup was announced last week from Mrs. Carney in each students’ email.

Jaxen Waggoner, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With the Homecoming Festivities being announced this past Wednesday, our staff thought it would be helpful to give you advice over what to know throughout the week. The majority of the school has missed out on dances in the past due to Covid, so here’s what you need to know by October 1st: 

Homecoming Week 

Homecoming week starts out like any other spirit week: with dress up days. Our theme for Homecoming this year is Raideroo!

Bonnaroo, a fairly large music festival, takes place in our small town. For the past two years, the festival has been cancelled due to Covid and flooding conditions.

This is a way for all the high school students to celebrate the festivities in the spirit of Bonnaroo and their trademark: radiate positivity. 

Now don’t be afraid to participate, that’s what makes it fun! Our first spirit day of the week is Music Monday: show off your favorite band tee! The week continues on with a plethora of themes from farm life to festival wear!  

Friday has all the big Homecoming activities that the week leads up to! This starts with Homecoming Day. 

In the morning, you’ll go to your first couple class periods. Then, you’ll be released. With activities and games outside, you’ve got the rest of the day off! Students will not be allowed access to their lockers, and parents are not allowed to bring money to their kids during the festivities. 

Some staples of Homecoming day are the Car, Talent, and Freak Shows.

The Car Show is put together by Mr. Bingham. The 24th Annual Car Show has two categories: trucks and cars. It’s out in the teacher parking lot, and everyone is invited to see all the entries. 

The Winners are announced by 1:00 P.M. For more information, talk to Mr. Bingham or your science teacher. 

The Talent Show is hosted by Student Government. You can buy a ticket at the door of the theater and see the show. They’ve got it all and it is a nice place to cool off during the day! Everyone is invited to sign up and participate! For more information, check your email. 

The Freak Show is put on by the Theatre Department. Students write their own script and put on a Freak Show. Go see all types of monsters at the ever-changing Freak Show. 

More activities and games include a photo booth, making your own s’mores, the big volleyball game, and so much more! 

The Game

After school that day is the Homecoming football game. The football game is the whole reason we have Homecoming! The Coffee County Red Raiders are set to play Warren County at 7 P.M. on Carden Jarrell Field behind the Raider Academy. 

If you go to the game, here’s what you need to know. We suggest waiting to change into your dance attire until after you leave the game. There will be a game theme, but you can wear whatever you want! You’ll rock whatever you decide to wear. 

The Homecoming Court, voted on earlier this year, will walk the field during halftime of the game. It will include all the representatives, the Football Queen, and the to-be-announced Homecoming King and Queen! At the end of the ceremony, the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced– and you don’t want to miss that. 

The Dance

Raideroo Homecoming presents a Festival of Lights Dance! To aid social distancing, the dance will take place outside under the lights. It will be near the concrete area in the front of CCCHS and fun for everyone to attend. 

Homecoming is traditionally a more semi-formal dance. This means short dresses and button-up shirts instead of tuxedos. You can wear whatever you want, and you’ll look so good. Be confident in yourself! You’re gonna kill it in whatever you decide to wear.  

Don’t be afraid to dance– that’s the whole point! Be ready to learn some new moves and maybe ask a friend if they know the “Cotton Eye Joe” line dance and the kick kick version of the “Cupid Shuffle.”

If you get to the dance and want to play a certain song, just ask the DJ! See if they do song requests and if you can play your song. 

Don’t worry about a date. No one really cares who you bring. If you’re going to bring a date that you’ll resent all night, it’s honestly better to go alone and find some fun!

We are so excited to have our Homecoming Festivities back at the high school! Can’t wait to see you all then.