The Coffee Press spills the beans!: CCCHS Edition


CCCHS is truly unlike anywhere else Photo by Fox17

Senior year has brought a lot of reminiscing to the Journalism classroom and we’ve all decided to give underclassmen our secrets of CCCHS. Olivia will be covering the best school lunches. Ash will be covering the best spots if you need a quick cry. Jaxen will be covering the bathrooms, and Alexa will be covering the best water fountains of the school.

Food – Olivia Howell

These are the top 5 foods I would eat from the high school. (Please note I am a picky eater.)

  1. Baked good lunch- The baked good lunch from the salad line has variations of baked goods from banana bread to muffins. It also comes with fruit salad which is always refreshing. 
  2. Barbecue sandwich- The barbecue sandwich has stayed the same since elementary school and that is rare. It often has very good sides too. 
  3. Any kind of taco/burrito with ground beef- This meal has a nice flavor and is pretty good in terms of portion size. My favorite variation is the dorito nachos that are served occasionally. 
  4. Bacon Cheesburger- This year the bacon cheeseburgers have taken a turn for the better with real buns and a variety of cheese on some days. This is a nice classic that is always good. 

1.Three Cheese and Bacon on Croissant- This is absolutely the best of all the meals you could get in the cafeteria. The croissant bun is buttery and flakey and the cheese is nice and gooey. It is served on Thursdays in the sandwich line. 

(Girls) Bathrooms – Jaxen Waggoner

We’ve all got to go to the bathroom at some point. Even if you try and hold it till the end of the school day, we all have emergencies sometimes. The best place to go in these situations is definitely the bathroom at the end of the math hall. Head to the first stall on the right hand side, and you’re set. 

However, the worst place to go is the bathroom at the beginning of the math hallway. By the end of the day it always seems to be flooded. Don’t go in there. 

The bathroom by the art room is solid. The english bathrooms aren’t good, but they’re better than the science. 

And whatever you do, don’t go in the locker room. 

Water Fountains – Alexa Morse

Here at CCCHS, there are many water fountains to choose from. Students are likely to have their own go-to quench fulfiller. 

Though students have differing opinions on the best water fountains in all of CCCHS, there is a pyramid of the best to worst. 

Unfortunately, there are too many to rate in one article so here is my opinion of the top three water fountains and the worst one at the end. 

The water fountain coming in third is the auto fill water fountain outside the English hall. If you need to fill up a water bottle quickly , that one is going to be your go-to. 

Coming in second place is the water fountain next to Coach Spears class. Underrated because the water is some of the coldest you’ll get in school. 

Finally, the water fountain coming in first is the one and only theater hallway water fountain. The water fountain has the coldest water tasting water in the whole school.

Nothing is perfect, therefore there is the worst water fountain in the school. 

Now it may not be the worst, but the autofill water fountain in the cafeteria.

The reason is because the auto fill should be convenient. However, the water is not good. 

Why be convenient if you’re going to be bad?

Although this information may never be used, I hope my advice and opinion will help in the journey to take advantage of the best water fountain at CCCHS. 

Where to Cry – Ash Reynolds 

If there is one thing you will learn in the halls of CCCHS, it is that life can get difficult.

Sometimes, you just need a good cry, and it simply cannot wait until you arrive at home.

So, you may be wondering: where are the best places to cry at CCCHS?

First, let’s get the most obvious places out of the way. 

Classrooms can either be a great or terrible place to cry. It all depends on your relationship with them. 

However, it is definitely true that the English hall has been the best place for me to cry. 

As far as bathrooms go, it depends on time of day. 

Personally, the English bathroom is where I find myself crying the most often, but that is mainly due to proximity. 

The bathroom at the end of the Math hall has been my best experience crying in a bathroom. 

The best places to cry are often the ones you would not think about. 

Many of the students from the theatre department have stated that supply closets and dressing rooms in the theater area are the best places to cry. 

Students on the yearbook staff have also stated that the yearbook room is a great place. 

Overall, the consensus seems to be clear. 

The place students are most comfortable crying are typically the places where they spend the most time. 

So, I advise all underclassmen to find that place. Find a place in the school where you feel the most comfortable. 

It does not even have to be a place to cry. Find a place where you feel free to be you. 


As we send our seniors off, we wish you well on your future endeavors. And to our only surviving member, good luck Lindsey Leena Landrum.