Preparing for Project Graduation


Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

On Monday April 8, 2019, the senior class attended a Project Graduation meeting. During the meeting the seniors were given a packet that contained a commitment contract, parent donation form, wall of fame form, and a guest registration and contract.

The commitment contract is due on May 3 if the students wish to receive the full amount of money awarded at the beginning of the night. If the students do not turn in the form until May 10, they will only receive half the allotted money. However, students can still turn in their form the day of project graduation and forfeit their right to any money, unless other students decide against coming. There will be a police officer on the premises during the event the night of May 24, in case students see  fit to bring in drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, which is prohibited. Purses, bags, blankets, and pillows will not be permitted for safety reasons. It is recommended that the items being brought into the building are worn, i.e hoodies, sweat pants, a tee shirt, gym shorts, and tennis shoes. All clothing articles must be in accordance with school dress code.

When signing in, students will be asked to release their wallets and keys, which will be put into an envelope with their name on it inside a lock box. This is to insure that at the end of the night students and volunteers will not have to search for such things as well as a way to keep the inflatables safe. Project graduation will begin at 10:30 p.m the night of graduation and will lock the doors at 12:00 am. If students decide to leave before 6:00 am the morning of May 25 their parents will be informed before they are allowed to do so.

The next paper in the packet is pertaining to parent donations. All donations are welcome; however, Teresa Gannon is in charge of obtaining the food. She has been doing this for a number of years and has a knack for knowing what seniors like to eat. Anyone willing to donate food, please contact her at (931)-581-0363. Cash and drink donations are welcome as well.

Following the parent donation paper is the Wall of Fame form. The Wall Of Fame is a section of the wall dedicated to seniors during the months of April and May. Seniors’ parents will be able to submit a wallet size, 4×6, or a 5×7 photo of their child to be displayed on the wall. Displaying the photo will cost $10.00 and will not be edited by the staff. If there is anything that parents want printed on the photo, it must be printed before hand. Three to four sentences are preferred. Students who participate will receive the certificate back the night of Project graduation.

The fourth paper in the packet is  the guest registration and contract. The contract just states that guest will follow the rules set before them, or they will be asked to leave. The cost to attend is $40, which pays for the resources they use, and if they are asked to leave, they will not receive a refund. On the night of project graduation, the guests will also be required to show some form of identification. Project Graduation is a safe space for the seniors after graduation, and everyone would like to keep it that way.