2020: A year in review


Jaxen Waggoner, Copy Editor and Social Media Manager

2020 has been a year to remember. Earlier this year, Ashley Meadows, Coffee County Central High School Alumni and former Coffee Press staff member, wrote an article on 2020 predictions. While not entirely incorrect, Meadows never could have seen what came in the following months. 

Anything from Coronavirus to the big election has been a challenge for us all; as the year is drawing toward its end, it’s time for a review. 

January: Three days in, three days too far. 

On January 3 an airstrike authorized by President Donald Trump was carried out in Iran, killing Qusem Soleimani, a top Iranian general. This threat grew quickly out of control. While this looming thought of World War III scared some, others found comfort in humor and thrived. 

  • The Rating: 6/10- While this danger was quite serious, the memes and Tik Toks made up and, personally, calmed me down. 

The trial of Trump’s impeachment took place on January 16. The articles of impeachment included abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate exculpated Trump of these charges in February. 

  • The Rating: I do not feel safe releasing my rating of the ordeal at this time. As the election nears, more people become pro-Trump or anti-Trump and hate the other side with everyone in between. 

February: We wished for the Roaring 20s, but skipped the Roaring. 

Often known as the Coronavirus crash, the stock market crash from February 20 was the second most devastating in the U.S. ever, paling in comparison to the Great Depression. The tribulation was resolved by April 7 this same year. 

  • The Rating: 3/10- Gen Z “manifested” 2020 to bring back the fun of the post-war 1920s, only instead we got the stock market crash. Not the best thing to happen in 2020, but certainly not the worst. 

March: Pandemic Panic

On March 11, Coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Two days later, it became a National Emergency. For the first time ever, the world shut down. Cities and states were shut to their homes and grocery stores. Masks required (and still are). Toilet paper gone. Thousands of hospitalized patients, and more to come…

  • The Rating: -1000000000/10- This is a modern tragedy that we’re living in and will for who knows how long it will last. 

April: Covid: The Quarantine

Due to Covid-19, the world shut down isolating the world to their bedrooms. “Animal Crossing” and baking bread took over lives whilst we tried to stay safe. Many “Spring Breakers” ignored these pleas of others because YOLO (you only live once). The only way to connect to others was through Zoom calls and drive-through birthday parties. 

  • The Rating: 8/10- The Coronacation was something we never experienced in our lives- or the history of the world. Minus all the pain at this time, it was pretty nice to just chill at home. 

May: Black lives still matter

On May 25, George Floyd was brutally murdered in the open public by a police officer for a counterfeit dollar bill. Videos circulated the internet and protests and riots erupted. 

The difference? A peaceful protest, for example, is standing on the side of the road silently to bring honor and attention to the movement, Black Lives Matter (BLM). However, a riot would be the brick-throwing, fire-starting, gun-firing affair. More often than not in this time, the riots were started by those to sabotage the peaceful protests.

  • The Rating: not to be rated/10- The divide in our country ain’t it. Black Lives still matter, y’all. 

Moving on to murder hornets. They were finally found in the U.S. in May and then they disappeared. 

  • The Rating: 10/10- We are definitely in a time travel movie, and our sarcastic anti-hero saved us- but at what cost? Good jokes; all fun; no death! 5 stars from me!

June, July, and August: Summertime, in the Summertime!

The summer really just dealt with the aftermath of all the other events. In our small town of Manchester, the quarantine was over. But in other parts of the country that wasn’t true. We got to have fun and nothing major happened. 

  • The Rating: a million/10- no life-threatening events is a plus for me. 

September: WWIII? more like Civil War II. 

The first Trump v.s. Biden presidential debate took place on September 29th and was a dumpster fire. It was incomprehensible at times. Trump ignored the rules to the point the moderator seemed like a substitute teacher trying to calm down a heated fight. No points were made by either side, but, instead, attacks, insults, and lies. 

The parties become more and more separated each passing day with arising hatred in the country. 

  • The Rating: 10/10- The debate was a great form of entertainment. If you’re looking for a reliable source of what the presidency would look like, I suggest watching the vice presidential debate, Pence vs Harris. 

What does the future hold? 

I have no clue. With 2020, anything is possible. With the spring back on November 1, we will gain an hour on Halloween- 25 hours of Halloween- on a full moon- on a Saturday- sounds like the description of a horror movie to me.

I’m not going to make any predictions though. Ashley Meadows, as previously mentioned, tried that, but 2020 had some tricks up its sleeve.