Senior baseball player Griffin Meeker commits to Motlow to play for the bucks and speaks on the upcoming season


Griffin Meeker’s official signing to the Motlow Bucks with his family.

Nic Watkins, Sports Editor

Motlow committed, Griffin Meeker is heading into his fourth season with the Raiders and has high plans for his teammates as well as himself. 

Meeker has been a team leader on and off the field for years and will be a great addition to the Bucks.

Meeker had a very truthful outlook on his high school career and states that his senior season will be a “bittersweet” moment. As for most seniors, he is sad to leave his teammates behind but is ready for the future career with Motlow. 

After a lost year with COVID-19, he is looking forward to being out with his teammates and wants to have a fun season. That being said he mentioned his competitive nature and elaborates on how he wanted to win every district game. 

When discussing his signing, Meeker stated that “there were some butterflies, but Motlow felt like home.” 

The person who most inspired Meeker was his dad who “had been coaching him since he could pick up a ball and bat.” He also mentioned how his dad was able to encourage him through struggles on the field. 

As seniors prepare to leave, many think about the impact they will leave on their teammates and fellow students. Meeker explained how he wanted to be remembered by his teammates. He stated that he wanted to be known as accountable to the other players and that he wanted to be remembered as a great teammate. 

The baseball season starts on March 15 in Colombia with the first home game being March 16 against the same. 

In some games, announcers for a video broadcast will be Senior Braxton White and Junior Luke Beachboard who will add a new twist to the game and will add coverage from the student body. 

These will be some of the first games in a year, and students should feel the need to come to watch their peers play the sports they love.